Different types of authentication

Frill caters for 5 different ways to identify your customers:

  1. Registered Users - This is Frill's built-in authentication and will ask users to create an account by leaving a name, email and password
  2. Guest - This is perfect for when you don't want users to create a full account, but you want to ensure they get notifications about Ideas they interact with. Guest auth asks for name and email. This is the default authentication method on all new Frill accounts.
  3. Anonymous - This method doesn't ask users to leave any information. Frill creates an Anonymous profile using cookies. Users will not receive any notifications and will also remain anonymous to other users AND administrators.
  4. Custom - This is perfect for when you want to allow anonymous voting, but you need people verified if they want to leave ideas. It's a mix of all three methods above.
  5. SSO - If possible, we always recommend SSO authentication. This method allows for the most seemless user experience, with all the added security. Please note however, this method requires 30 minutes of a developers time. More information on SSO can be found here and here.

Get started by changing your authentication method here.

Please note that the default authentication method is " Guest".

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