Setting up a custom domain

Setting up a custom domain is a great way to make Frill feel more integrated into your website or app. Custom domains are available on all plans.

It only requires 3 steps, and the good news is that all the SSL certificates are taken care of automatically at our end.

Let's get stuck in...

1. Decide on a custom URL

First thing's, first: decide what your custom URL needs to be. We suggest something like

Now add that URL to the field in the Custom Domain section of the admin.

2. Set up your DNS

Add a new CNAME record for the subdomain you decided on (eg feedback in the example above) to your DNS and point it at the domain "".

CloudFlare user: details on how to setup the domain in CloudFlare can be found here

3. Check your Custom Domain settings

Once add the DNS record it might take a few minutes for the changes to propagate. 

If it's all working correctly, you should see a Connected message in the Custom Domain section of the admin.

Need help with your DNS setup? 

Check out these help docs from popular DNS services. 

Still need help? Why not hit us up at and we'll see what we can do?

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