Frill Basics - Start here

Welcome to Frill! 🙌

In the next few minutes we'll give you a brief overview on what to do once you've set up your Frill account.

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Before we jump in, let's quickly get familiar with important parts of your account. Spend a little bit of time exploring each, and you'll be up and running in no

  1. Ideas
  2. Roadmap
  3. Announcements
  4. Settings (Admin only)

Setting Up

Below we are going to do 5 things which should be enough to get you up and running.

  1. Define your Statuses
  2. Define your Topics
  3. Add your First Idea
  4. Add an Idea to the Roadmap
  5. Add your first Announcement

1. Define your Statuses (link)

By default, your Statuses are set to Under Consideration, Planned and Already Shipped. You can change them here. Statuses are the life stages of your Ideas and they are what creates the columns in your Roadmap.

2. Define your Topics (link)

Topics are a way to categorise different ideas. They can be anything you want, but use some Topics that define the internal areas of your business... e.g "Website, "App" and "Integrations".

Topics are an elegant solution to the nightmare that is multiple boards.

Your customers can add up to 3 Topics to their Ideas. This helps other customers find what they need as well as understand what areas of the business you are focussing on. Topics are unlimited, but we recommend you limit the number of Topics to about 10 to keep things simple.

3. Adding your first Idea

As soon as you've completed sign up you'll land in the Ideas section of your company. The ideas section is where you customers can add ideas. 

Tip: We suggest you add about 10 ideas yourself to get an idea of what your customers will see.

These ideas might be feature ideas, suggestions... or potentially even a quick bug report depending on what your particular use case is.

4. Add an Idea to the Roadmap.

The simplest way to add any idea to the Roadmap is to click on it and change the Status. Ideas with no Status are not shown on the Roadmap by default.

Your idea has now been added to the correct Status / Column on your Roadmap. 

Please note: that by default, Users who follow an Idea are notified when an Idea has its Status updated.

5. Create your first Announcement.

Announcements are how to let you customers know that a feature or Idea has been completed. You can install the widget to sit inside your app, or simply use the portal.

Start by clicking the "New" Button on the Announcements Page:

Use the '+' button to add sections to your Announcement.

You Announcement will save automatically and you can Publish when you are ready.

And that's it! You are off an running. If you have any questions please reach out to us at

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