Setting up a custom email domain

Setting up a custom email domain is a great way to make Frill feel more integrated into your website or app. Custom email domains are available on the Growth Plan or with the White Label Addon.

1. Decide on a custom email

First you need to decide what email address you'd like your Frill notifications to come from. We suggest something like

Head over to the Settings > Custom Email Domain section of the admin and add the email address:

2. Add DNS records

Once you've added your email you'll be given a set of 3 DNS records to set up to verify your email domain. 

In your DNS Name Server Management website you'd need to create each record (from the Host column) as a CNAME and point it to the DNS record given (from the Value column).

For example:

CloudFlare user: details on how to setup the domain in CloudFlare can be found here

3. Check your Custom Domain settings

Once you've added the DNS records it might take a few minutes for the changes to propagate. 

To verify everything is set up correctly click the Click here to verify email link. 

If everything is set up correctly your domains should have a green check mark / tick in the Status column

Need help with your DNS setup? 

Check out these help docs from popular DNS services. 

Still need help? Why not hit us up at and we'll see what we can do?

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